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Are you tired of paying huge Google Adwords bills? 

Tired of trying to figure out how to rank better in Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

Want an internet marketing team with proven results that will help you generate more sales for a modest price?

If you answered yes, to any or all of those questions, we can help! Our company Golf Leads LLC offers a great tool for you to generate more traffic to your website, more email subscribers to your lists, and subsequently more sales.

A little background on who we are.  The team at Golf Leads formerly ran all internet marketing and domains for New Media Golf and their golf school brand’s, Advantage Golf School and Golf Digest Schools.  With New Media’s recent sale of their golf schools, we were able to acquire over 200 domain names from New Media Golf that they used to sell thousands of golf schools over the last ten years.  This is the first time since 2001 that these websites will be able to accept new advertisers.  It’s a great opportunity for golf schools to increase sales and visibility at a very affordable price.

Our concept is simple, get your golf school showing up on more sites, more times, in Google and the other search engines.  When you have just one website, essentially you have only chance to be found online. By joining the Golf Leads network you gain many chances to be found online. Listing your golf school on multiple sites on our network  gives you 5, 10, even 20 chances to be seen online by potential students.  In today’s evolving golf economy, you need every advantage you can get.

How it works.  Below you see a list of websites, all are operating sites and have been generating leads and sales for years, choose the sites that are the best fit for your school’s location(s). Even one site will be a benefit, but the real benefit comes from being on 3, 5, 7 or more sites.  We list your school, with an attractive landing/lead generation page that lets visitors click directly to your website, or fill out a form requesting more info from you. Our goal is to offer the shortest, simplest, path for students to get to your website or to call.  This has worked for many years and is sure to work for you as well.

Direct Benefits to your business

  • More quality traffic to your website
  • More email prospects for your email database
  • Better rankings for your website in search engines-our sites have high Google Page Rank and this will translate to better results for your website
  • Enhanced reputation-As your site is seen in more places on more websites, consumers tend to have higher respect for businesses with higher web visibility

Pricing– We wanted to make pricing simple, affordable, and easy to use. No contracts, No commitments, cancel anytime, we’re confident you’ll want to stay. Your first listing on any 1 of our sites is $49 per month, add your listing to additional network sites for $19 per month, per site.  Separately we have limited banner advertising opportunities on each site that run from $10 to $29 per month per site.  For many of you aggresive Adwords users, you’ll be able to be on 10 to 15 of our sites for what you pay for less than a few days worth of Adwords.  We’re not recommending quitting Adwords, they work, we use them too, but you should be able to lower your budgets or for a few hundred per month, greatly increase your internet leads and sales.  Why so inexpensive? We want to build a base of ten to fifteen golf schools that we can help grow their sales and who want to be long term partners with us.  We will never have more than fifteen schools advertising on any single site.

Choose from any or all of the domains below.
Choose the plan below to sign up for this website. Email which additional sites from the list above you wish to advertise your golf school on and we will send you a link to a signup page for those sites at the discounted rates.  If you have any questions prior to joining, email us at
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