Welcome to the longest running golf school in the Myrtle Beach area! Since 1989 we’ve been straightening hooks, curing slices and putting smiles on peoples’ faces. Our proven teaching philosophy provides for a low key,relaxing atmosphere that will put FUN in your game. We’re proud of our reputation for getting results and providing great service.Located in Pawleys Island, SC (Just south of Myrtle Beach) we are a team of PGA professionals who are enthusiastically awaiting your arrival to help you improve your golf game. After class you can play True Blue and Caledonia, two of South Carolina’s most awarded golf courses. Outstanding teaching facilities, state of the art video equipment and a highly decorated staff combine to offer you only the best in instruction and value. Not to mention, it’s a blast!
Whether you’re a brand new player, a seasoned tournament player or somewhere in between, you’ve found the right place to improve your golf game. The greatest players in the world prove every day that there is more than one way to swing a golf club effectively. We’ve never relied on method instruction where one swing fits all. Instead we prefer to size up each player to determine the best way for that player to improve. We’ve been around long enough to realize each individual has certain strengths and limitations. Our job is to teach you to discover your abilities and use them to your own advantage. Our goal is for you to leave with a thorough understanding of your golf swing and a blueprint for you to continue making progress on your own. We’ve seen players shave 10 strokes off their score just in the short time they were here. While we can’t guarantee that will happen for everyone, we do guarantee you will know what to do to achieve similar results.

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