The philosophy of the TOURAcademy is built upon the concept of a total game experience (i.e., full swing, short game, and on-course instruction; club fitting; fitness). This experience is designed to improve every facet of the student’s game in a safe and nurturing environment.
Locations Nationwide
TPC Sawgrass – World Golf Village – TPC San Antonio – TPC Scottsdale – TPC Las Vegas – Tiburon Golf Club
The information that we gather from Touring professionals and other resources is what makes up the foundation of our teaching philosophy at the TOURAcademy. It is not one person’s opinion, but rather, a collection of opinions based on observing the very best players in the world every day and also taking into account the latest science on the golf swing.
Building-Block Approach
Building a better golf swing is much like mastering English in grade school—you don’t advance to 8th grade English class without first passing 5th, 6th, and 7th grade English. There’s a logical progression to learning that takes place. Each step you take builds on the previous one. This “building block approach” is the template we use at the TOURAcademy to help our students develop a more complete game.
TOURAcademy Instructors
Each TOURAcademy Instructor is a carefully selected career-teaching professional certified to the exacting standards of the TOURAcademy brand. Certification requires a commitment to the “Standards of Excellence” and a demonstrated level of expertise in instruction, fitness, and club fitting.

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